Take the guesswork out of screening resumes.

Automated video interviews let you see and hear your candidates instead of just reading pieces of paper.

(no credit card needed)

(no credit card needed)

Go beyond the resume

Resumes give you only bits of information. Using guesswork to screen candidates for in-person interviews will cost your business bundles of time and money for every mistake you make.

Automated video interviews eliminate the guesswork. Quickly gain the more personal insights needed to select only qualified candidates for the next round in your hiring process.

It’s that simple. Watch video to learn more.

Select your favorite job posting site

Create your HelloCecil Video Interview

Paste the Video Interview link in your job ad or email it later

Watch, compare and rate Video Interview responses

Select only qualified candidates to invite for in-person interviews

Why choose HelloCecil?


Save time

Reduce hours lost conducting
in-person interviews with unqualified candidates.

Save money

Time is money. Time spent with unqualified candidates is just wasting your cash.


Easy and affordable pay-per-use pricing. No annoying sales calls, or booked demos.

What people are saying


Arleen Scavone
It’s too easy to get bogged down by stacks of resumes. HelloCecil helps us fit recruiting seamlessly into our workload. And candidates love being able to submit more than a piece of paper!
— Managing Partner & Founder, OpExNOW
Marty Bloom
The compare feature is my favorite. It’s like having all of the candidates in a room with me answering the same question. It becomes so obvious who the best candidates are.
— President, Goldwood Sound, Inc.
Chris Malzahn
HelloCecil changed our recruiting game. I can’t imagine setting up an in-person interview without seeing video responses first. We get to our finalists in half the time.
— Vice President HR, Hemispheres Marketing, Inc.

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