Spot top job candidates with automated video interviewing.

So you can stop burning time with stacks of unqualified resumes.

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Go beyond the resume

Spotting top job candidates in a stack of resumes isn’t easy. Automated video interviewing gives you auditory and visual cues that you cannot get from a piece of paper. That means better decisions for a better candidate pool. Simple and friendly software that’s perfect for growing your startup or small business team.


Better decisions

Resumes alone provide only bits of information about a candidate. Get the “full picture” for decision-making confidence.

Saves time

Limit time-consuming phone calls to follow up on resumes. Reserve in-person interviews for the most qualified candidates.


User-friendly and super affordable. No sitting through lengthy demonstrations or annoying sales calls. Just sign up and go.


Design the questions you want answered with short one-way video responses.


Include your video questionnaire link in your job postings, or email it later to selected candidates.


Select six candidates at a time to compare video responses to the same question side by side.


Leave a private rating and note on each candidate. Send to colleagues for a collaborative process.

What people are saying


Arleen Scavone
It’s too easy to get bogged down by stacks of resumes. HelloCecil helps us fit recruiting seamlessly into our workload. And we love the great feedback we get after our candidates use the platform!
— Managing Partner & Founder, OpExNOW
Marty Bloom
HelloCecil has reduced our time-to-hire by at least 50%. We spot the most qualified applicants much faster, making better choices on who moves forward in the process.
— President, Goldwood Sound, Inc.
Chris Malzahn
HelloCecil changed our recruiting game. I can’t imagine setting up an in-person interview without seeing video responses first. It’s just great for everyone involved.
— Sr. Director HR, Hemispheres Marketing, Inc.

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