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Take the guesswork out of screening resumes.

One-way video interviews let you see and hear your candidates instead of just reading pieces of paper.


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Go beyond the resume

Screening a stack of resumes isn’t easy. You have limited information to decide who advances to the next round in the hiring process. That’s guesswork! And every mistake you make costs your business bundles of resources scheduling, meeting and following up with unqualified candidates. 

HelloCecil eliminates that guesswork. Use one-way video interviews to go beyond the resume and engage with the real person. Gain valuable insights into their personality and presentation. And get the full picture you need to advance a candidate with confidence.

It’s that simple. Watch video to learn more.

Select your favorite job posting site


Create your HelloCecil video interview questionnaire

Paste the video interview questionnaire link in your job ad or email it later


Watch, compare and rate video interview responses

Select only qualified candidates to invite for in-person interviews


Why choose HelloCecil?



Save time

Reduce hours lost conducting
in-person interviews with unqualified candidates.

Save money

Time is money. Time spent with unqualified candidates is just wasting your cash.


Super affordable subscription pricing. No annoying sales calls or booked demos.

What people are saying


Arleen Scavone
It’s too easy to get bogged down by stacks of resumes. HelloCecil helps us fit recruiting seamlessly into our workload. And candidates always love being able to submit more than a piece of paper!
— Managing Partner & Founder, OpExNOW
Marty Bloom
The compare feature is my favorite. It’s like having all of the candidates in a room with me answering the same question. It becomes so obvious who the best candidates are.
— President, Goldwood Sound, Inc.
Chris Malzahn
HelloCecil changed our recruiting game. I can’t imagine setting up an in-person interview without seeing video responses first. We get to our finalists in half the time.
— Vice President HR, Hemispheres Marketing, Inc.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!


Super simple! When you’re ready to create a new job just click Create a Job in your dashboard and you’ll be prompted to our payment screen.

Join our video interviewing community for just $39/month. You’ll enjoy 5 active jobs at any one time.

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No problem! Simply contact us at and let us know how many jobs you’re planning to have active at any one time. We’ll be happy to design a custom subscription plan to meet your needs.

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Not at all! Keep doing what you’re doing. HelloCecil is a video interviewing solution, not a job board.

Once you create your HelloCecil video interview questionnaire you can share it in two ways:

First, you can include a video interview questionnaire link in your job posting on Indeed, Monster, your company website, and anywhere else you regularly post. Traditionally, over half of candidate submissions are from unqualified candidates who simply “spray and pray”. So you can expect that candidates who aren’t serious about the role will pass on replying to your video interview and job posting, saving you valuable screening time by reducing your stack of resumes at the start.

Or second, if you prefer, you can simply post your job first, screen resumes manually or with an ATS (if you have one), and then send a video interview questionnaire link via email to selected best candidates.

To copy the link, just go to your dashboard and click the Share Link icon next to the job.

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We made sure of that! Once your candidate receives a video interview questionnaire link — either in the job ad or later by email — all they have to do is click the link and they’re ready to begin the video interview process. Your job seekers will not have to create or log into an account, or follow lengthy instructions. The field requirements are clear ‘n easy so they can focus on their responses and not on trying to navigate the video interviewing platform.

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Our compare feature is easy to use and powerfully effective. Look for the “Compare” button at the top of any candidate’s response page. After clicking on it, select up to six candidates to compare at a time, then click “Done”. When you arrive at the compare page, use the drop-down in the question box to select a question. Then watch all of the selected candidates respond to the same question. Change the question and change the responses. You can then drop and replace candidates as desired to continually change the mix and focus on the top talent.

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For many companies, collaboration is an important part of the recruitment process. You can share a candidate’s responses with hiring managers, human resources personnel, recruiters and other colleagues by simply copying and emailing the URL of the candidate’s page. While reviewing the candidate’s submission on their own time, your colleague can add to your comments in the Review section to help spot the top talent.

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The choice is yours. Use HelloCecil first to take the guesswork out of screening resumes for qualified candidates. You’ll avoid time-consuming follow-up emails and phone calls, and reduce the number of needed in-person interviews by over 80%.

Some companies then invite selected qualified candidates for an in-person interview or conduct live video interviews. Other companies continue using the one-way video interviewing responses all the way through to final selection, for reasons such as convenience when key members of the recruiter or hiring team travel and are unable to take in-person, live video, or phone interviews during regular business hours; hiring for remote positions; hiring freelancers in foreign countries; and the like.

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For sure! HelloCecil doesn’t replace your current ATS or any other favorite HR software. We complement them so you can build our automated video interviewing platform into your recruitment process without the fuss of changing anything you already do and like.

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