Frequently Asked Questions

Your first Video Interview with HelloCecil is absolutely free! We give you access to all of the platform’s features so you can see for yourself how automated video interviewing will up your hiring game. And we won’t even ask for your credit card.

Nah we’ll save you the time and hassle. HelloCecil is designed to be simple and friendly. Review our on-site information — including our interactive demo — and you’ll be ready to go. And if you have any questions, just contact support at [email protected]

Nope. We offer industry-leading pay-per-use pricing. We only want you to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Here’s how it works: You create a Video Interview for $79 and it remains live for four months.

It’s that easy. We want you to have plenty of time to find your star candidate!  

On average, we find many companies ask 4-7 questions in a Video Interview. That said, the number of questions you ask should be based entirely on what you feel you will need to make decisions with confidence about your candidates. We don’t limit you in any way.

Yep, we did the legwork for you. Check out our Top 25 Video Interview Questions to Hire Better Employees for great ideas on a variety of question types. For specific position-based interview questions, visit our growing library of popular job titles here.

In general, try to come up with strategic questions that really challenge your candidates and give you valuable insights into their qualifications for the job.

Not at all! Keep doing what you’re doing. HelloCecil is not a job board. We help you spot top candidates in the stack of resumes you receive when posting your job on traditional job boards, your company website, or elsewhere.

You can share your Video Interview in two ways. First, you can include a Video Interview link in your job posting on Indeed, Monster, your company website, and anywhere else you regularly post. Traditionally, over half of candidate submissions are from unqualified candidates who simply “spray and pray”. So you can expect that candidates who aren’t serious about the role will pass on replying to your Video Interview and job posting, saving you valuable screening time by reducing your stack of resumes at the start.

Or, if you prefer, you can simply post your job first, screen manually or with an ATS (if you have one), and then send a Video Interview link via email to selected candidates.

To copy the link, just go to your dashboard and click the Share Link icon next to the Video Interview.

There’s no limit at all. To copy the Video Interview link, just go to your dashboard and click the Share Link icon next to the Video Interview. You can then include the link in your job posting and/or share it later via email with as many candidates as you like.

What our users typically find are two things: (i) many unqualified “spray and pray” candidates will not submit resumes when they see the additional step required for completing the Video Interview; others will simply submit a resume without following up with a completed Video Interview, and (ii) even some qualified candidates will submit resumes without following the directions in the job posting.

In these cases, employers usually consider one of two options: (i) automatically disqualify from consideration all candidates who did not follow the directions in the job posting, or (ii) review received resumes and send a follow up email with the Video Interview link to selected candidates who have not already submitted the completed Video Interview within a reasonable amount of time.

To help ensure qualified candidate compliance with the requirement in your job posting, we recommend including a clear statement such as “ONLY CANDIDATES WHO SUBMIT INITIAL APPLICATION MATERIALS (for example, cover letter and resume) PLUS A COMPLETED VIDEO INTERVIEW WILL BE CONSIDERED.”  If desired, you may also specify a time limit for submission of the completed Video Interview (for example, 3 days). 

All desktop computers and Android mobile devices with a camera will do the trick. For now, our video recording technology is not supported on iPhones so candidates who are iPhone users will see a message referring them to a desktop.

We made sure of that. Once your candidates receive a Video Interview link — either in the job posting or later by email — all they have to do is open the page and they’re ready to begin the Video Interview. No login hassles, no lengthy instructions. The field requirements are clear and easy so they can focus on their responses and not on trying to navigate the software.

Absolutely. HelloCecil is not a middleman receiving candidate submissions before they go to you. All candidate’s responses are sent directly to your HelloCecil dashboard. Check in regularly for what’s new.  From there, you’ll be able to review, rate and share with colleagues.

Our compare feature is easy to use and powerfully effective. Look for the “Compare” button at the top of any candidate’s response page. After clicking on it, select up to six candidates to compare at a time, then click “Done”. When you arrive at the compare page, use the drop-down in the question box to select a question. Then watch all of the selected candidates respond to the same question. Change the question and change the responses. You can then drop and replace candidates as desired to continually change the mix.

For many companies, collaboration is an important part of the hiring process. You can share a candidate’s responses with a colleague by simply copying and emailing the URL of the candidate’s page. While reviewing the candidate’s submission, your colleague can add to your comments in the Review section.

The choice is yours. Use HelloCecil first to take the guesswork out of spotting the top candidates in a stack of resumes. You’ll avoid time-consuming follow-up emails and phone calls, and reduce the number of needed in-person interviews by over 80%.

Some companies then invite selected qualified candidates for an in-person interview or conduct live video interviews. Other companies continue using the automated video interviewing responses all the way through to final selection, for reasons such as convenience when key hiring personnel travel and are unable to take in-person or live video interviews during regular business hours; hiring for remote positions; hiring freelancers in foreign countries; and the like.

For sure! HelloCecil doesn’t replace your current ATS or any other favorite HR software. We complement them so you can build automated video interviewing into your hiring process without the fuss of changing anything you already do and like.

We’re ahead of you there. We built our interactive demo so you can see what a dashboard looks like with actual candidate responses. Check it out by clicking here.

Lots! We encourage every company in the HelloCecil community to think about building or refining their playbook for successfully identifying, recruiting and hiring top candidates in the field. It’s more than just throwing a job description together and posting it online. We offer 10 ways to help you put a solid recruitment strategy in place. Check it out here.

We’re here to make sure your experience is top notch. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

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