What our users typically find are two things: (i) many unqualified “spray and pray” candidates will not submit resumes when they see the additional step required for completing the Video Interview; others will simply submit a resume without following up with a completed Video Interview, and (ii) even some qualified candidates will submit resumes without following the directions in the job posting.

In these cases, employers usually consider one of two options: (i) automatically disqualify from consideration all candidates who did not follow the directions in the job posting, or (ii) review received resumes and send a follow up email with the Video Interview link to selected candidates who have not already submitted the completed Video Interview within a reasonable amount of time.

To help ensure qualified candidate compliance with the requirement in your job posting, we recommend including a clear statement such as “ONLY CANDIDATES WHO SUBMIT INITIAL APPLICATION MATERIALS (for example, cover letter and resume) PLUS A COMPLETED VIDEO INTERVIEW WILL BE CONSIDERED.”  If desired, you may also specify a time limit for submission of the completed Video Interview (for example, 3 days).