Not at all! Keep doing what you’re doing. HelloCecil is a video interviewing solution, not a job board.

Once you create your HelloCecil video interview questionnaire you can share it in two ways:

First, you can include a video interview questionnaire link in your job posting on Indeed, Monster, your company website, and anywhere else you regularly post. Traditionally, over half of candidate submissions are from unqualified candidates who simply “spray and pray”. So you can expect that candidates who aren’t serious about the role will pass on replying to your video interview and job posting, saving you valuable screening time by reducing your stack of resumes at the start.

Or second, if you prefer, you can simply post your job first, screen resumes manually or with an ATS (if you have one), and then send a video interview questionnaire link via email to selected best candidates.

To copy the link, just go to your dashboard and click the Share Link icon next to the job.

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